Advanced Lab Course

The Advanced Lab Course ("Master-Forschungspraktikum") will be offered every semester starting in WiSe 2014/15. It is divided into two modules. Module 1 (M.Phy.1401) is a compulsory course and is usually completed in the first semester of the Master's program. Module 2 (M.Phy.1402) is an elective course and is usually taken in the second semester of the master's program. Each of the modules requires the successful completion of four experiments (without focus commitment), takes 6 semester hours and counts 6 credit points after passing.

Experiments from the following research areas are offered in the lab:

Nuclear and particle physics

Module 2 (M.Phy.1402) can be replaced by other achievements (e.g. the electronics lab). More detailed information can be found in the current examination regulations.

usually Wednesday, 09:00-17:00
(Exceptions for special labs, lab blocks in the vacations or by arrangement)
see lab descriptions