AG - astrophysics and geophysics

AG.DMH - Numerical Analysis and Data Visualisation for Dark Matter Halos

The aim of this lab is to get some experience in visualisation of large data sets, and the packages that researchers commonly use for these tasks. We will be doing this in the context of exploring simulations of cosmological dark matter, and specifically the analysis of dark matter (DM) halos.
A dark matter halo is a component of a galaxy that permeates and extends beyond the visible galactic disc, and, although invisible, it dominates the total mass of most galaxies. Dark matter halos play a key role in current models of galaxy formation and evolution, and one of the main research approaches consists in N-body simulations of the evolution of halos from initial density perturbations in the early Universe. This is a fascinating and rich topic in modern physics that brings together theory, observation and computational research to address a number of unanswered questions about our Universe. In this lab, we will visualise the data from N-body simulations, and identify and analyse the dark matter halos formed, as well as investigating the theoretical background to such simulations.

Inst. f. Astrophysik, F04.126