KT - nuclear physics and particle physics

KT.KRB - Nuclear Reaction Analysis at the Accelerator

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In this experiment we use the 500 keV ion accelerator of the 2nd Institute of Physics to evaluate the nuclear reaction between energetic protons and a target containing the boron isotope B-11. The exothermic reaction is a fusion to excited C-12, which in turn decays into 3 alpha particles with energies up to 6 MeV: B-11(p,2α)α. The targets are thin films of B and BN on Silicon. At first we measure the areal density of B in these targets using Rutherford Backscattering with 800 keV He2+ ions. We then use 400 keV protons to measure the total reaction cross sections for the B-11(p,α)Be-8 and the B-11(p,2α)α reaction channels and calculate the observed alpha energies. We also determine the extremely short half live of the 1st exited state of 8-Be. We compare the cross sections with published data from the Janis data bank of cross sections provided by OECD and Nuclear energy agency.

II. Physikalisches Institut, D-1.122