KT - nuclear physics and particle physics

KT.MOE - Mössbauer Spectroscopy

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The Mössbauer effect describes the recoil free resonance absorption of gamma radiation at certain nuclei. We apply the method using gammas from the decay of Co-57 to Fe-57 to measure the hyperfine splitting of the I=1/2 ground state and the excited I=3/2 state of Fe-57 with high energy resolution. The hyperfine splitting is caused by magnetic fields and electric field gradients at the position of the Fe-57 nucleus as well as the isomer shift. We characterize different magnetic and non-magnetic materials and materials exhibiting characteristic field gradients. We correlate the results to the chemical valency, the electron density at the nucleus, local charge symmetry and strength of magnetic fields and electric field gradients.

II. Physikalisches Institut, D-1.110