BK - biophysics and complex systems

BK.PKR - Phase Contrast Radiography

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X-rays are used in many areas where non-invasive imaging of otherwise opaque samples is needed. One prominent example is medical diagnostics where x-rays are used to image the inner structure of the human body in 2d (radiography) or in 3d (computed tomography). Besides the absorption of the beam, which is used in classical x-ray imaging, the much stronger phase shift can be exploited for contrast formation. Especially for weakly absorbing soft tissue like the organs this leads to superior image contrast compared to the classical approach. With the advent of modern microfocus x-ray sources it is now also possible to realize phase-contrast imaging in the laboratory.

The aim of the experiment is to understand the basics of 2d phase-contrast radiography with the help of suitable test structures and to illustrate the fundamentals of computed tomography by creating a 3d model of an object which is chosen by the students.

Inst. f. Röntgenphysik, F00.124