BK - biophysics and complex systems

BK.WFS - Wavefront sensor for laser beam and optics characterization

This experiment is currently not available.

The so-called Talbot-Lau effect is used in many applications such as phase contrast imaging and wavefront measurements. Apart from that, wavefronts can also be measured with a Hartmann-Shack sensor following a very similar principle: In both cases the point distribution shifts when the direction of the incident light changes. For example, the Hartmann-Shack sensor has been used since 1994 to accurately measure aberrations of the human eye.

In order to compare both methods in this experiment, focal lengths (or dioptric refraction values) as well as imaging errors of various test optics (lenses, eyeglasses, ...) are determined from wavefronts recorded by means of the Talbot-Lau effect and Hartmann-Shack sensor. In addition, characteristic properties of a laser beam can be determined.

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