FM - solid state physics and physics of materials

FM.ULP - Spatial and Temporal Distortion of Ultrashort Light Pulses

In research ultrashort light pulses are used to investigate dynamics in complex materials samples on ultrashort timescales, e.g., for time-resolved optical spectroscopy to learn about the dynamics of electrons, lattice and spins. For such studies and the interpretation of the results, it is necessary to understand how ultrashort laser pulses are modified by the interaction with various optical elements in the optical path. For the present experiment, students will make use of a femtosecond laser source (Spectra Physics Tsunami) to generate ultrashort light pulses. Using a commercial pulse characterization device (Swamp Optics Grenouille) they will study how different optical elements (mirrors, prisms, lenses, optical filters,...) modify the temporal and spatial dispersion of ultrashort light pulses. They will learn which kinds of dispersion occur, how those dispersion effects can be described and controlled. With these measurements, they will obtain practical knowledge about non-linear optics and the difference between cw light and ultrashort light pulses for optics.

I. Physikalisches Institut, B02.120